MIT MRSEC - Materials Reseach Science and Engineering Center

X-ray Diffraction Shared Experimental Facility

Rates for using the Instruments in the X-Ray SEF at MIT

As part of our committment to the NSF mission of supporting education in science, all academic users are charged the same rate to use instruments in the X-Ray SEF. This includes members of MIT, members of other universities, and members of teaching institutions (such as Mass. General Hospital).

The academic rates for all systems are:

The rates for commercial users of our systems are higher. In keeping with the non-compete clause of our NSF grant, we try to keep our rates more expensive than comparable commercial analytical labs-- this way, we do not compete with them for business. Commercial users may use our facilities when comparable services are not available commercially or when there are clear and distinct advantages to using the CMSE facility. Additionally, are rates are heavily skewed to encourage commercial users to become independent operators of the equipment in the lab. Finally, please be aware that academic users are given priority over commercial users.

The rates for commercial users are:

The Bruker Smart Apex SCD is now controlled by Peter Muller and the Dept. of Chemistry. CMSE members receive the same rate as Dept. of Chemistry members, as published here. Please contact Peter Muller for more information.

* A note about off-peak hours: these hours of use are not intended to provide 'discount' rates to users. Instead, these hours are intended for longer runs that would otherwise tie up the machine for many hours during the day. Please remember that working in a lab after hours is inherently less safe then working during the day. To operate instruments in the X-Ray SEF after hours you must have a partner who will periodically check in on your safety, as per MIT guidelines for laboratory safety.

** As you may have noticed, I do not charge for every minute or hour that I spend assisting you with data analysis. My philosophy is to provide you with support so that you get the most accurate information from your data, thus encouraging you to use the X-ray SEF more often. My cost is then recovered through your paying to use the instruments.

Furthermore, please do not every let cost prevent you from collecting the data that you need. If your budget is very tight, please talk to me and we will see if alternative arrangements can be made.