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Back-Reflection Laue

Instrument Status

This instrument was recently upgraded with a Spellman XLF30N1200 generator and MWL120 detector. Training for this system will be one-on-one and must be pre-arranged with staff. Please send an email expressing your interest and the nature of your samples to one of our staff.

Instrument Description

Unlike the other instruments in the lab, this instrument uses polychromatic "white" X-rays from a tungsten anode to simultaneously observe multiple diffraction peaks from a single crystal material. The instrument uses back-reflected X-rays collected on a large area multiwire detector. You can observe the diffraction peaks in real time to orient the sample before collecting the data and performing the orientation analysis.

This is a very specialized instrument suitable for analyzing the orientation and quality of single crystals.

Back-Reflection Laue

Back-Reflection Laue

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