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Rigaku SmartLab

Instrument Status

The Rigaku Smartlab is fully functional. If you would like to be trained in its use, please contact facility staff.

Instrument Description

The Rigaku SmartLab is our "Swiss Army Knife" of tools. It is capable of performing most common XRD measurements as well as many uncommon ones, and can be rapidly switched between various optical configurations including both Bragg-Brentano and Parallel-Beam geometries. It gives very good X-ray reflectivity (XRR) and grazing incidence XRD (GIXD) results. It also features a 9kW rotating anode X-ray source, which produces a much higher intensity beam than sealed tube anodes. Because of its flexibility, most users can collect useful data on this instrument, but we especially recommend it for users who will be studying polycrystalline or epitaxial oxide thin films.

The default configuration of this instrument uses the scintillation point detector, which is good for nearly all types of measurements. With the basic training, users can easily switch between parallel-beam and Bragg-Brentano divergent beam optics via the Rigaku Cross-Beam Optics (CBO) system. Because of the high intensity of the X-ray source, XRR data can be collected from very thin films, down to ~0.9nm thickness (depending on roughness, density, and other factors).

With additional one-on-one training, users can select between the many accessories available for the SmartLab:

Rigaku Smartlab

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