MIT MRSEC - Materials Reseach Science and Engineering Center

X-ray Diffraction Shared Experimental Facility

Instructions for MIT Students, Faculty, and Staff

1. Contact XRD facility staff to assess the feasibility of your measurement

Please fill out the access request form and email it to XRD facility staff. They will be able to help you determine the details of the analysis, including which measurements should be performed, what can and cannot be measured, which instruments should be used, the quantity of sample you will need, etc. They can also help guide you through the registration and training process.

2. Create an account in our user management system, MUMMS, complete all EHS prerequisites, and link your project account for billing

MUMMS is our online user management system, which is found at Additional help for creating an account and meeting EHS requirements can be found here.

  1. Create an account in MUMMS
  2. Add the X-ray Diffraction SEF to your services
  3. Complete the EHS online class #EHS0100w-A, General Chemical Hygiene
  4. Complete the EHS online class #EHS0501w, Managing Hazardous Waste
  5. Read the CMSE chemical hygeine plan. Then log in to MUMMS and click on the link acknowledging that you have read the CHP.
  6. Link your project account number and email your project manager, asking them to approve the use of the facility.

If you have any trouble with this step, first read the MUMMS user guide. If you still need help, contact Charles Settens or Susan Dalton.

MUMMS main menu

3. Register for and attend the X-Ray and Lab-Specific Safety Training

You cannot proceed with this step until you have completed step 2.

To view the course schedule, visit Training. To register for this class, just e-mail Charles Settens.

This single class covers two prerequisite safety courses:

If you attend the combined class, then you do not have to attend the separate EHS X-Ray Safety class taught once a month in building N52. If you want, you can attend the separate EHS X-Ray Safety class taught by EHS. However, you will still have to complete the Lab Specific Safety Training taught by SEF staff. Click here to register.

4. Register for and attend the Instrument Specific Training for the instrument that you want to use

5. You should also consider attending one of the lectures on the basics of X-ray diffraction and one of the workshops on basic data analysis.

Advanced data analysis workshop will be offered from time to time and will be listed on the X-Ray SEF calendar. Please let me know if there is a specific technique that you are interested in.

Rates are as follows:

* A note about off-peak hours: these hours of use are not intended to provide 'discount' rates to users. Instead, these hours are intended for longer runs that would otherwise tie up the machine for many hours during the day. Please remember that working in a lab after hours is inherently less safe then working during the day. To operate instruments in the X-Ray SEF after hours you must have a partner who will periodically check in on your safety, as per MIT guidelines for laboratory safety.

** As you may have noticed, I do not charge for every minute or hour that I spend assisting you with data analysis. My philosophy is to provide you with support so that you get the most accurate information from your data, thus encouraging you to use the X-ray SEF more often. My cost is then recovered through your paying to use the instruments.