MIT MRSEC - Materials Reseach Science and Engineering Center

X-ray Diffraction Shared Experimental Facility

Using MUMMS, Coral and Atlas Learning Center

CMSE Coral is the lab management system that the CMSE is using for instrument reservations and billing. CMSE Coral is composed of two parts:

You must create an account in CMSE MUMMS before you can use Coral to reserve instrument time!! Instructions for creating a MUMMS account can be found here.

Please note that MTL also uses the Coral system for lab management. The MTL and CMSE Coral servers are different-- you must create a different account for MTL and CMSE. No information is shared between the MTL and CMSE systems. However, all SEFs in the CMSE will be using the same Coral system-- so your account to access the CMSE X-Ray SEF will also allow you to access the CMSE Electron Microscopy SEF.

This guide includes instructions for:


Creating an Account in CMSE MUMMS

MUMMS tracks your completion of safety training requirements and your account number for billing. To create an account in MUMMS:

1. Go to the CMSE MUMMS website at

2. Click on the link to Register

3. Complete your Basic Info, then click on Next

4. You will answer Yes to the question: Are you currently an MIT student, postdoc, staff member, or faculty member?

5. Complete the Services and Research Profile, then click Next

6. Complete your MIT Info and then click Next

7. Register your username and password, then click Next

8. After you complete the registration form, you will receive an e-mail. Click on the link provided in the e-mail in order to confirm your account.

9. An e-mail will be sent to your supervisor/PI asking them to approve your use of their account number. They must reply to the e-mail message with a statement to the effect of "I permit this student to use this account number". You will not be able to use the CMSE facilities until your supervisor approves your account.

10. Log in to your newly created account from the CMSE MUMMS website

11. You can:

12. You must request access to labs, such as the X-ray lab, and complete all prerequisites. To do so:

A. From the MUMMS Main Menu, click on the link Manage Your Services

B. Make sure that you have requested access to the lab that you would like to use.

add services

C. For each SEF, you can see if the prerequisites have been completed to give you access to that facility.

D. If the Prerequisites are shown as Not Completed, then click on the link Show Details in the Prerequisites row.

E. The CHP Form Sign Off indicates that you have read the CMSE chemical hygiene plan. If this is not marked as completed, then:

13. If any other prerequisites are marked as Not Completed, then read the instructions on how to complete them.