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Instrument Training

Self-users of the CMSE X-ray facility must receive training for each instrument that they wish to use. You do not need to attend if you are only working with X-ray staff as an assisted user. Instrument training is usually offered once per month for the instruments that are in high demand, and as-needed for the instruments in low demand. Individualized training is offered for special instrument configurations and equipment; contact XRD staff if you need to use something other than the default instrument configurations. There is no fee for these trainings, but you will not be authorized to use an instrument until you also attend the safety training course.

To attend the instrument training courses, you must have registered in MUMMS and completed all three of the online prerequisites. For more information about this process, see the access page. Once you have met the prerequisites, check the training schedule and contact X-ray facility staff to reserve your spot.

We also very strongly recommend that you attend data analysis training. We have many software packages loaded onto our dedicated data analysis computers, but the software is only useful if you know how to use it!

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