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X-ray and Lab-Specific Safety Training

All self-users of the CMSE X-ray facility must attend the X-ray and Lab-Specific Safety Training. You do not need to attend if you are only working with X-ray staff as an assisted user. This two-hour long course is performed in collaboration with the MIT EHS Radiation Protection office, and covers two of the prerequisite safety courses:

Both of these components are required to work in the X-ray lab as a self-user. If you have already taken the EHS X-Ray Safety course in building N52, you still must attend the lab-specific portion of this training course.

This combined safety training is usually offered once per month, but special arrangements may be made if there is an unusually high demand. The fee for this training is $200 for academic users from any institution, and $700 for commercial users.

To attend this course, you must have registered in MUMMS and completed all three of the online prerequisites. For more information about this process, see the access page. Once you have met the prerequisites, contact X-ray facility staff to reserve your spot.

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